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Now is the time to perfect YOUR credit score. You deserve Better! And, I’m gonna help you get it!

Get Access to My Exclusive Step by Step System That Boosted My Credit Score Over 300 Points!

All While Never Having to Rely on Credit Repair Companies That Promise the Moon & Never Make a Difference…

Jasmine "Jazzy Mac" McCall
Jasmin McCall

Jasmine “Jazzy Mac” McCall Entrepreneur & Credit Consultant


Wealth Warning Ahead

You’re about to enter a safe zone of financial repair, restoration, and relief!

Enrolling in the Perfect Credit Recipe gives you access to

My proprietary Dispute System to take your credit score from struggling to stellar!

  • In this step by step online learning experience, I’ll guide you on how to legally dispute delinquent accounts and old debts on your credit report to have them deleted forever.
  • I’ll teach you the steps to ethically diminish your debt without paying every dollar back, and how the law works to have fees, fines and penalties forgiven.
  • You’ll have the complete game plan to boost your credit score to excellent status so you can increase your buying power and live your best life.
  • During this one of a kind program, you’ll get lifetime access to Jazzy Mac’s Bigger, Bolder, Better Credit Curriculum, 6 weeks of live virtual coaching, plus access to tools, templates and scripts to skyrocket your credit score in as little as 30 days.

Ready to achieve the perfect credit score that opens the door to luxury homes, low-interest rates, business opportunities, and the lifestyle that the rich, wealthy, and financially healthy enjoy?

If you were never educated on credit or have been burned by the credit repair industry before you may be thinking…

“Is the Perfect Credit Recipe right for me?”

  • Has that new home, new car, or business loan dream been crushed because you’ve been turned down for credit?
  • Do you have the income, but NOT the credit to get approved for a home loan, business loan, or real estate investment?
  • When it comes to handing over your personal information to credit repair services do you have trust issues?
  • Are you desperate for solutions that won’t take years to see improvement?
  • Are you mentally overwhelmed with debt and cannot focus on credit?

Myths That Lower Your Score

Myth Truth
“The only way to a higher credit score is to pay everything back”
You can pay all your debts back and still have a bad credit score.
“I’ve disputed before and it came back “verified” so there’s nothing I can do”
“Verified” doesn’t mean it can’t be removed. It means you need to change your wording.
“I’ve been sued before by a creditor. I am scared to dispute anything”
You can legally clapback against collection agencies when you know consumer law.
“Credit repair companies are the only way to fix my credit”
Credit repair companies can’t do anything for your credit, you cannot do. They do NOT have a magic wand.
I don’t have time to fix my credit. I’m too busy with work and kids.
If you’ve got 30 mins a week you can fix your credit.

“You Deserve so much better!”

If you’re feeling seen and thinking…

“Jazzy, have you been reading my journal?”

It’s because I’ve been there, done that and got the T-Shirt!

I was able to go from credit HELL to credit HEAVEN and have taught thousands of people how to  do the same. Being a Credit Expert has exposed me to every type of credit problem.


…I’ve captured my experience and expertise into a proven and predictable process behind boosting your credit that just simply WORKS..


I’ve uncovered the legal credit repair loopholes that don’t require you to pay every penny of debt back. 


You can leverage these powerful credit boosting strategies and mindsets to predictably boost and bulletproof your FICO score every month without using an expensive or scammy credit repair service… even if you’re deep in debt

OK, you had me at Deserve Better!

“Jazzy, how exactly do I hit the perfect credit score, ASAP?”

It’s just like baking with a box of Betty Crocker cake mix. Read the instructions, drop in a few ingredients, put it in the oven and boom!

Here’s the 3 ingredients to my Perfect Credit Recipe


Think Bigger, Dig Deeper & Design Your Dream Lifestyle


Make bolder moves to dispute, defend and courageously take control your credit


Make better financial decisions in the future to build generational wealth.

Just A Few of My Favorite ❤️ Success Stories! ❤️

What You Can Look Forward to...

You get live access to your Bestie and Credit Coach, Jazzy! No one gets left behind.

  • Private Facebook Group Access
  • Weekly Live Q&A Sessions

You get a library packed with Done For You credit templates.

  • Collection Removal Templates
  • Charge-off Removal Templates
  • Charge-off Removal Templates
  • Debt Settlement Templates
  • Medical Debt Removal Templates
  • HIPAA Violation Templates
  • & Much More!
You get a library packed with Done For You credit call and email scripts.

  • Late Payment Removal Script
  • 24 Hour Inquiry Removal Script
  • CEO Creditor Script
  • & Much More!
You get immediate access to exclusive digital video course content that includes "Credit Hacks" never before released to the public!

Wait There's More!

The course comes with amazing bonuses that could make all the difference…

If you purchase now, you will get access to:

  • BONUS – Passive Pillow Profits Mini-Course
  • BONUS – $100K Business Credit Mini Kit
  • BONUS – Media Masters Money Kit
  • BONUS – Grant Writing Mini Kit
  • BONUS – Homebuyers Negotiation Cheatsheet
  • BONUS – No Credit Check Credit Cards
  • BONUS Homebuyer’s Hero Guide (No Money Down Mortgage Programs)

Now, a few months from now, one of two things will happen…

You will either have the same credit score you have now…


You will…

  • Have a winning credit score!
  • Be approved for your dream house or dream car!
  • Have a bulletproof plan for how to handle creditors and collection agencies!
  • Have been approved for business funding!

Invest in yourself today so that you can unlock a better life!

Hurry Up before the offer expires!

More Success Stories!


What's Stopping You?

Unlike credit repair services that often use outdated or shady practices, I empower and educate you to repair your credit yourself.  Nobody can care about your financial future more than  yourself and the responsibility of your generational wealth lies in your hands.  The videos, templates and digital assets simplify and speed up the process.

Everyone’s credit history is unique so there is no way to guarantee a specific increase in your credit score over any duration of time …

I’m going to tell you exactly what I did to take my score from the 400s – 800s. However, the perfect credit score for you is the number that allows you to have more buying power and live a better life and that score is different for everyone.

However, if you follow the Bigger, Bolder, Better credit steps that I teach you and develop good credit practices you should see a distinct improvement in your credit score that will change your financial trajectory.

No , this is only for consumers under the American credit system

The program works as long as you work and people have seen results in as little as a few weeks.

The first module will be available immediately upon purchase.  The rest of the modules are available as you unlock milestones. We deliver content through slides, video, audio, PDF, swipe files and templates.

We always want you to be satisfied and will provide group coaching support in our private Facebook course during the 6 week academy. Since this is a knowledge-based course and knowledge cannot be reversed once learned, this course is non-refundable.

Absolutely! Not only will we hold live Q & A sessions the first six weeks of the experience, but this program has a private Facebook group where you can get support from other credit champions! You can also contact us at support@jazzymac.com for any technical or order issues.

This is your chance to change your life. This is your year. You have what it takes to boost your credit and walk into the life you deserve. You can fix your credit once and for all. The right way.

Jazzy Mac